Badania Właściwości FizycznychWe carry out tests in the scope of:

  • geometrical, linear, angular measurements,
  • surface roughness measurements,
  • protective and safety coating thickness measurements,
  • thickness measurements by ultrasonic method,
  • glues, foams, fabrics, binding materials, plastics, rubber products, chemical materials,
  • inspection ISO metric threads of general purpose,
  • thermovision measurements,
  • flow measurement with full compensation of pressure and temperature changes converting the volume in normal conditions (101,325 kPa abs, 0°C) or mass flow,
  • flow measurement of working medium regardless of pressure, density and viscosity of the medium,
  • mass measurements with accuracy 0,001 g.

Our Laboratory is accredited by Polish Centre for Accreditation AB1552 in the scope of geometrical measurements.

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