Badania Osłon OgnioszczelnychWe carry out tests in the scope of:

  • geometrical measurements,
  • enclosure strength to pressure, static and dynamic pressure load,
  • protection against the transmission of the explosion,
  • measurement and determination of the reference pressure,
  • dielectric strength,
  • separation distances,
  • batteries and cells capacity,
  • batteries and cells short-circuit resistance,
  • transformers tests,
  • thermal endurance to heat,
  • thermal endurance to cold,
  • drop test,
  • thermal, temperature increase
  • degree of protection IP,
  • measurements of the concentration of explosive gases,
  • flow measurement of explosive gases and air.

We carry out tests of electrical equipment operating in potentially explosive atmospheres:

  • flameproof enclosures „d”,
  • pressurized rooms „p” and „pD”,
  • devices with equipment protection level (EPL) Ga,
  • protection by enclosure „t”
  • increased safety „e”,
  • intrinsic safety „i”,
  • type of protection „n”
  • encapsulation „m”,
  • powder filling „q”,
  • liquid immersion „o”.

Our Laboratory is accredited by Polish Centre for Accreditation AB1552 in the scope of flameproof enclosures tests for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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