Badania Klimatyczne i ŚrodowiskoweWe carry out tests in the scope of series of type PN-EN 60068 among others:

  • Environmental testing – Part 2-1: Tests — Test A: Cold temperature,
  • Environmental testing – Part 2-2: Tests — Test B: Dry heat,
  • Environmental testing – Part 2-78: Tests — Test Cab: Damp heat, steady state,
  • Environmental testing – Part 2-14: Tests — Test N: Change of temperature
  • Environmental testing – Part 2-30: Tests — Test Db: Damp heat (cycle 12 h + 12 h),
  • Environmental testing – Part 2-38: Tests — Test Z/AD: Composite temeperature/humidity cyclic test,
  • Environmental testing – Part 2-67: Tests — Test Cy: Damp heat, steady state, accelerated test primarily intended for components.

Additionally we carry out tests:

  • Resistance to sudden temperature change,
  • Resistance to thermal shock.

Our Laboratory is accredited by Polish Centre for Accreditation AB1552 in the scope of climate and environmental tests.

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