O firmieJ.S. HAMILTON Poland S.A  Product Assessment, Approval and Certification Body Ltd., further called HAMILTON Body, located in Siemianowice Śląskie in Poland, is a certification body of products and quality management systems. HAMILTON Body is financially and organizationally independent, ensuring full impartiality and credibility. We exist in the market of conformity assessment since 2006. The legal basis of the HAMILTON Body is the Act of 13 April 2016 on conformity assessment system. Competences of HAMILTON Body in the field of conformity assessment are confirmed by the Polish Centre for Accreditation with the following certificates of accreditation for:

  • Accreditation Certificate no. AC 149 – for product certification body
  • Accreditation certificate no. AC 155 – for management systems certification body
  • Accreditation certificate no. AB 1552 – for testing laboratory

J.S. HAMILTON Poland S.A Body has authorizations granted by the Minister of Economy and Minister of Infrastructure in order to notify the European Commission and the Member States of the European Union, as the body designated to carry out tasks related to the assessment of compliance within the following New Approach Directives:

  • MD 2006/42/EC,
  • ATEX 2014/34/EU,
  • EMC 2014/30/EU

and has the status of Notified Body number 2057 assigned by the European Commission.
HAMILTON Body has also concluded an agreement with the Polish Association for Technical Research and Certification to use the collective guarantee trademark “B” with the identification number 32 and carries out a voluntary certification of products for guarantee (safety) mark.
HAMILTON Body, pursuant to art. 113 section 3 of the Act of 9 June 2011 – “Geological and Mining Law”, as an accredited product certification body, conducts tests and products assessment for which the President of the State Mining Authority issues decisions on admission for use in mines.
In addition, we operate in the field of measurement and research in our own Testing Laboratory no. AB 1552, which is accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation. Testing Laboratory allows you to carry out research in the following directives:

  • MD 2006/42/EC ,
  • ATEX 2014/34/EU,
  • LVD 2014/35/EU,
  • EMC 2004/30/EU,

Professionalism and credibility of HAMILTON Body is accomplished by a highly qualified and experienced staff of professionals. Conformity assessment, examination and certification of products and quality management systems are carried out by highly qualified staff of professionals, who have long service in management positions in mining and in independent positions in the mining supervisory bodies.
HAMILTON Body, on the basis of appointment by the President of the Polish Committee for Standardisation (PKN), has been a member of the Technical Committee of PKN. Employees of HAMILTON Body participate in the work of the following technical committees:

  • TC 64 for Electrical Appliances in potentially explosive atmospheres,
  • TC 164 for Mines Safety,
  • TC 285 for Mining Machinery and Equipment
  • J.S. HAMILTON Poland S.A is insured against civil liability in AXA Ubezpieczenia Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń i Reasekuracji S.A. . Insurance policy number: 04.466.659

We are based in Gdynia, Chwaszczyńska 180. HAMILTON Body is entered in the register of the National Court Register – VIII Commercial Division of the District Court Gdańsk-North in Gdańsk under KRS number 0000457421
REGON: 002893048
VAT identification number: 586-000-60-39
share capital: 343 545,60 PLN