BezstronnośćHAMILTON Body impartiality is guaranteed, among others, by:

  • Permanent staff, headed by the President of the Board for Certification, whose salary does not depend on the amount and the result of certification.
  • Certification Council appointed by the President of the Board of HAMILTON Body, which is a structure (mechanism/committee) to protect the impartiality of HAMILTON Body, represented by all parties related to the certification processes without the domination of any party.

Certification Council:

  • takes part in the creation of impartiality policies of certification activities,
  • approves the strategy of HAMILTON Body for subsequent years,
  • advises on matters affecting confidence in certification, including on openness and the perception by the public,
  • counteracts any tendency on the part of the owners of the certification body to ensure that any commercial or other factors threaten a credible, objective conduct of certification activities,
  • at least once a year, carries out a review of impartiality auditing processes, certification and decision-making by the certification body,
  • takes a position on matters concerning claims, complaints and appeals after presentation of disputable issue by the President of the body,
  • has the right to demand from the management of the certification body all necessary information, justifications of relevant decisions, actions, and the selection responsible for particular fields of action with regard to certification, to enable the certification body to ensure adequate and impartial certification. If in any case the management does not apply to the Council’s opinion, it has the right to take independent action (e.g. to inform the authorities, accreditation bodies, stakeholders).

In order to ensure the absence of conflicts of interest, HAMILTON Body requires all of its employees, internal and external reporting any past and/or present ties with the organizations to which the assessment or certification will be appointed. In the event of such relationships, HAMILTON Body analyzes them for threats to impartiality and does not engage such personnel to the certification process or shows that there is no conflict of interest.
To avoid the danger of losing impartiality and objectivity in the activities of certification, HAMILTON Body:

  • in the case of links presenting an unacceptable risk to impartiality, does not offer certification,
  • does not certify other management systems certification bodies,
  • does not consult in the field of management systems,
  • does not conduct internal audits to its certified clients,
  • does not subcontract audits to consulting companies,
  • does not offer certification in conjunction with consulting,
  • does not certify the management systems in case the relationship between the body and consulting organization poses an unacceptable threat to the impartiality,
  • does not subcontract certification activities,
  • does not operate in design or manufacturing and sale of products which are the subject of certification.

The guiding motto of HAMILTON Body is that all applicants operating in declared by HAMILTON Body area of activity have equal access to our services.
Credibility is achieved by highly qualified and experienced specialists employed in HAMILTON Body, and by improving their qualifications through training activities conducted in the Body and their participation in conferences and scientific seminars and external training.