Products certification

HAMILTON Body conducts voluntary certification of products for compliance with standards, technical specifications etc.:

  • in the scope of accreditation granted by PCA No. AC 149,
  • outside the scope of accreditation,
  • for the collective guarantee trademark “B”.

Product certification, in accordance with the requirements of the standards included in the scope of accreditation No. AC 149 issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation, is carried out on the basis of certification programs PR-I or PR-II based on the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17067.


In addition, we conduct voluntary certification process for compliance with technical requirements, laws and standards outside the scope of accreditation for the products of mechanical and electrical industries.



b_110As part of the agreement with the Polish Association for Research and Certification,¬†HAMILTON Body Ltd. conducts voluntary certification on the collective guarantee trademark “B”.
The basis for certification of safety requirements are set out in national standards and international technical specifications, regulations and other legal requirements.
Certification rules for collective guarantee trademark “B” defines the product certification program for collective guarantee trademark “B”.