OCENA WYROBU – DOPUSZCZENIA PREZESA WUGAccording to Art. 113 section 3 of Geological and Mining Law, TEST Body Ltd. meets the requirements for testing and evaluation of products, for which the President of the State Mining Authority issues decisions on admission for use in mines, i.e. is accredited by PCA (Polish Centre for Accreditation) in this scope.

Activity of TEST Body is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the PCA “Accreditation program of certification bodies, issuing opinions on the products authorized for use in mines” (DAC-21)

Range of accreditation AC 149.

The process of issuing opinions on the products requiring approval of the President of the State Mining Authority proceeds on the basis of the technical requirements included in Annex 2 to the Regulation of the Council of Ministers dated 30 April 2004 on the approval of products for use in mines. The list of products used in mines, that require issuance of approvals, due to the need to ensure the safety of their use in terms of hazards in mining plant operations, is in Annex 1 to the regulation mentioned above.
TEST Body gives opinions for products such as:

1. Elements of the mine hoist:

  • hoisting machines,
  • skips,
  • pulleys,
  • suspensions hoisting ropes compensatory guiding and fender,
  • suspensions carrying hoisting vessels,
  • low-speed winches,
  • signalling and communication shaft devices,
  • separated parts of the elements listed in points 1.1 – 1.7

2. Operational Heads (extraction) with control systems, with the exception of submarine heads, used in the mineral-extracting industries through drilling.

3. Products used in underground mining plants:

  • Cableways equipment, suspended railways, floor mounted railways and their components,
  • Cars for passenger transport and special cars and vehicles with combustion engine for carrying passengers,
  • Electrical machinery and equipment and switchgear for voltage above 1 kV AC or greater than 1.5 kV DC
  • Communication systems, security and alarm systems and integrated control systems of mining complexes and mine face,
  • Conveyor belts.

4. Blasting equipment

  • Cars and vehicles for transporting or storing of explosives materials.